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How Do You Plan to Blast!

  • Blaster Fit Debut

    Every month
    a short term phase of Training . 4 Week microcycles!
    • Online coaching, Weekly check ins.
  • Committed Season

    Every 8 weeks
    a Specific Periodized Plan for 8 weeks.
    • Online coaching / Weekly Check ins.
  • Champion for Life!

    Every 12 weeks
    a 12 week Macrocycle designed to transform you
    • Online coaching/ Weekly check ins/ Access to Social Events
  • Personal Training

    Personal Guidance to Advance in Results
    • 1 session expires in 30 days
  • Consultation

    Evaluating current goals and needs to deliver an experience!
    Free Plan
    • a 1 on 1 Consultation to get your needs attained efficiently
  • 1 Week Trial

    Perfect for beginners looking to join the Blaster Fit Team!
    Valid for one week
    • 1 week Microcycle of training based on your level of fitness
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