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Blaster Fit has consistently received positive feedback from our satisfied customers. Our Coaching is committed to providing an unmatched fitness experience, with high-quality guidance, experienced trainers, and classes to help you reach your fitness goals. We take pride in building a supportive community of members, who inspire each other to push through workouts and achieve great results. Come join us and see why Blaster Fit is the perfect choice for your fitness journey!

Gym Workout

Mariah Campisi

I've lost 25 pounds and feel stronger than ever. I also love the Blaster Fit Group Fitness classes - Coach D has electrifying energy and he is so much fun, making working out enjoyable!


Gina Tibke

on the left I was 145lbs at the height of my bulk and eating anything & everything just to put on and keep on the extra weight to build more muscle. On the right with the proper guidance, consistent training and most importantly healthy/balanced NUTRITION, i was able to drop the extra body fat and maintain lean muscle at 127lbs. thank you coach D for all your help.


Londen Edwards

"Coach D is Great! I wasn't sure what to expect from online training, but I've been pleasantly surprised. The experience was fantastic.

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